Why We Started

I was a longtime counsellor in university and worked with hundreds of students and parents who had the same concerns and confusion about what to expect in university. I watched many students make mistakes, drop out, and ultimately lose money because they lacked the guidance and proactive planning for a successful first year. Or, their mental health suffered and they ultimately dropped out.

I founded Tailwind to solve this problem and provide students and families with a head start on the transition to post-secondary.

I then recruited different experts and students from across Canada to design wellness programs that reflect the diversity of student needs in 2022 and prepares them mentally and financially for post-secondary.

"I" turned to "we" very quickly, and we now offer much more than on-demand online programs. We involve students in the process of everything that we do to help them develop as students and people.

- Devin Golets, Founder & CEO


Our Values

  • Authenticity

    We're honest about what we offer, the work we do, and when sharing how we may be able to offer support. We always lead with our hearts.

  • Inclusivity

    We tailor our programs, resources, and supports depending on who needs our support.

  • Fun

    The world of mental health can be difficult and dark at times. But working towards supporting students in their quest to be well and successful in school is both meaningful and fun!

Devin Golets


Devin has over 7 years of experience guiding hundreds of students and families on the transition from high school to university. He has made presentations about the benefits of post-secondary that have reached over 10,000 people, and has designed and developed career programming and internship programs for university students. When COVID-19 forever changed the world of higher education, Devin consulted professors at Dalhousie University, University of Regina, Tennessee State, and University of Michigan on how best to keep Generation Z students engaged online.

Devin is a former Junior A hockey player and television broadcaster. He spent a summer working at TSN Sportscentre and used to commentate live Junior hockey games on Rogers TV. He graduated with a BA in Media Studies.

Devin Golets

Vi Phan, RSW, MSW

Director of Student Wellness

Vi is a Registered Social Worker (RSW) who has been practicing Social Work for over 12 years in a diverse range of environments.

She was most recently the BIPOC Personal Counsellor for students at University of Toronto Mississauga, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team.

Vi Phan

Josh Morrow

Director of Partnerships

Josh has over 6 years of experience working with colleges and universities, assisting them with assessments and admissions challenges.

He holds a BA in Philosophy from Trent University.


Jessie Brar

Director of Inclusivity Services

Jessie has a BA in Psychology, and has spent her career working at York University, Jack.org, Kids Help Phone, and as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion lead at a major Toronto Hospital.

She has also earned grants for her project "A Melanated Guide to Mental Health" and has written blogs about mental health that have appeared in major publications.

Jessie Brar

Mark Baglole

Strategic Advisor

Mark is an innovative and forward-thinking leader in the field of education technology, with a particular focus on growth and strategic partnerships. He brings a wealth of experience to our team, leveraging a deep understanding of the EdTech landscape to facilitate our company's expansion and forge impactful collaborations.

Mark held various roles in prominent EdTech companies, successfully developing growth strategies that significantly increased their market presence. His expertise lies in identifying potential partnerships, fostering relationships, and maintaining strong alliances that enhance our ability to deliver top-tier educational solutions.

Mark Baglole

Vince Bowry

Strategic Advisor

As a third-generation entrepreneur, Vince brings a depth of knowledge and experience in the tech sector, with over 15 years in strategic revenue growth, sales leadership, and customer success management.
 His deep understanding of EdTech comes from his time as an Account Executive at Pearson and VP of Sales at unlearn.

Vince holds a BA in Psychology from Bishop's University, Lennoxville, QC, providing a unique foundation to understand customer behaviours and motivations. Away from the corporate landscape, he savours life’s simple joys as a coffee enthusiast, sports fan (Go Bills and Oilers), hobby gardener, and a family man.

Vince Bowry

Nate Meidinger, RSW, MSW

Clinical Consultant

Nate is our Clinical Consultant and has counselled hundreds of post-secondary students over the past 7 years. He specializes in a number of therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).
Nate Meidinger

Cherie Kelly

Registered Social Services Worker

Cherie is a Registered Social Service Worker and Yoga Teacher. With 15 years of experience in the field, she has developed a compassionate and empathetic approach to her work. She is passionate about supporting individuals and communities achieve overall wellness and balance in their lives. Whether it's through counselling, advocacy, or connecting folks with resources, she is committed to empowering others to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Sarah Mandel


Sarah is a recent MSW graduate from York University. She offers 1:1 counselling and leads the development of our workshops designed to support students in small cohorts.

Soleila Pierre

Social Work Placement Student

Soleila is a Bachelor of Social Work student (BSW), completing her fourth year of study at Toronto Metropolitan University, and is thrilled to be completing her second placement with Tailwind. She has previously worked with students in various capacities, including mentoring programs, day camps and in-school programs.
Soleila Pierre

Vanessa Armstrong

Social Work Placement Student

Vanessa is a Master of Social Work student (MSW), completing her degree at Windsor University, and is excited to be doing her placement with Tailwind. She is very passionate about supporting and empowering students for post-secondary success.
Vanessa Armstrong

Gwendolyne Saando

Social Work Placement Student

Gwendolyne immigrated to Canada 10 years ago; she has spent most of her adult life working in social services agencies while pursuing higher education at York University and Windsor University, where she is currently an MSW student. She has worked for the city of Toronto Social Services and, currently, Toronto Community Housing, where she supports marginalized populations towards maintaining stable housing. Over the years, Gwen has developed a wealth of experience through frontline work while serving newcomers and under-housed persons facing chronic homelessness, poverty, and mental health through one-on-one intensive case management.
Gwendolyne Saando

HaoHao Du

Co-Op Student

Hey everyone 👋! My name is HaoHao (like "how" are you doing, but twice) and I'm a 4th Year Computer Science Student! I've spent the last 2 years living in San Francisco and Toronto but am currently based in Ottawa! In my free time I enjoy filming dance covers 🕺, making day in the life Youtube videos 📷, and writing about life design and chasing dreams 🌟

Fun Fact: I once competed in a Spikeball tournament in San Diego with no experience!