"His guidance was a tremendous help"

- Roger, Alex, and Helle

Our daughter was in the process of deciding on her program and school to select and we all had so many questions but did not know anyone impartial that could guide us through this, until we met Devin.

Devin was always very approachable, understanding and welcoming. He truly understood and sympathized with the reality of starting post-secondary and moving away from home, from a young person’s perspective. He shared personal experiences and patiently guided us through all our concerns and numerous questions about program choices, switching programs and the application process.

His guidance was a tremendous help and it really brought the anxiety levels down.

You're about to make one of the biggest investments of your life.

Who is helping you make this decision?

  • 396:1

    According to People for Education, Guidance Counsellors have almost 400 students to look after on average (in Ontario) and have an increasing list of job responsibilities.

  • 36%

    The percentage of university graduates who say they would have picked a different major if they could go back, according to Inside Higher Ed.

  • $28,000

    Average student debt in Canada, according to Stats Canada.

We make the transition from high school to post-secondary easy to understand and navigate

How it works

We answer the most common questions Canadian students and parents ask when navigating education and career decisions after high school.

  • In each program, you'll be coached by industry professionals who have years of experience advising students

  • Learn at your own pace. You have lifetime 24/7 access to video lessons, education and career exploration resources

  • 1:1 counselling is included in every program, with additional counselling available as needed

What Students Say

"It’s clear from my time with him that helping students succeed is his passion, and he is excellent at it."


"When I began to think about my career after university, I realized I was lacking experience and skills to succeed in a professional environment. Through a number of workshops and one-on-one meetings, Devin helped me map out options for both professional development and my education, allowing me to maximize both kinds of opportunities. Once I landed an internship, Devin continued to check in and was always ready to answer any questions I had. It’s clear from my time with him that helping students succeed is his passion, and he is excellent at it. He challenged me to challenge myself and stretch outside my comfort zone, which really enabled me to gain the experience and skills I was missing in my education."

"I would not be where I am today without his unwavering support and guidance."


"Devin was the driving force behind the career success I had during my undergrad. He helped me through countless applications, interviews, and gave me foundational skills that ultimately landed me awesome internships and job opportunities. It was so helpful to have a counsellor that I could talk openly with and bounce ideas off of. No matter how many times I needed to meet, he made himself available throughout the entire process, and helped me stay on track to meet my goals. I would highly recommend anyone who feels lost or overwhelmed in their education or career path to meet with Devin. I am so thankful that I did - and can truthfully say I would not be where I am today without his unwavering support and guidance."

"My only regret is not having met with Devin sooner"


"At a time when I was unsure where my education fit into my larger career plan, Devin provided me with the knowledge and tools to create a realistic strategy to meet my career aspirations. At every step of the process, he offered genuine, personalized guidance that gave me the confidence to take my skills and personal experience and use them effectively in securing an internship and setting future goals. My only regret is not having met with Devin sooner to make more informed decisions on my education and career planning."

"He’s a great listener and you could tell he genuinely cares about helping others"


"When looking back at some of the most difficult and confusing points in life, I always think of being in my final years of both high school and undergrad, right before choosing which degree I wanted to pursue and what types of jobs I wanted to apply for. I remember meeting with Devin in my last couple months of undergrad, when he started mapping out on the whiteboard what my options were, guided my thoughts with the right questions, and helped me navigate my next steps. He’s a great listener and you could tell he genuinely cares about helping others. Months later I emailed him telling him I just accepted an offer at one of the top places we had circled on the board. Given the confusing and difficult time to make decisions that do impact your career path going forward, it was so helpful to have a conversation with someone who can help guide your thought process and search. Today I work at a company I love and am passionate about what I do, and I am so thankful to the handful of people who were there for me during those tough early decisions, including Devin who is an amazing counsellor."

"Some of the most valuable career development conversations"


Devin provided me with 1:1 guidance counselling during my 3rd to 4th year of undergraduate studies. Not only he helped me identified work opportunities through an academic internship, but he was also there to advocate for me to ensure that my best interests were being protected. I had some of the most valuable career development conversations with Devin that ultimately played an influence in my later academic and career journey. Devin is approachable, genuine and is an out-of-box thinker. I believe Tailwind will embody all of those values that can be extremely beneficial for any students seeking guidance on transitioning to university/college, maximizing the impact of education opportunities and finally embarking on a meaningful career.

"Devin encouraged me to push myself, because he sees potential in every student he interacts with"


"I pursued a degree at Western University with dreams of becoming a journalist, but in my second year of undergraduate studies, I realized I had no practical experience. I focused all my energy on academics, and was nervous with the idea of writing for the student newspaper or volunteering at the local radio station. I approached Devin with my concerns, and he listened to me with an open mind. He provided personalized career advice and told me that the only way I would grow both personally and professionally was if I stepped outside of my comfort zone. Fast-forward three years later, I am completing my Master’s degree in journalism with 3+ years of print and broadcast experience under my belt. Devin encouraged me to push myself, because he sees potential in every student he interacts with. For that, I will be forever grateful."

"Believed in me when I lacked self-confidence"


"Working with Devin consistently for two years at Western always made me feel incredibly supported in my faculty. I met with him on several occasions to discuss both my long term career goals and the immediate next steps I needed to take in working towards my desired field of Film and TV production. Devin was kind, helpful, and believed in me when I lacked self-confidence. He was very knowledgeable about the industry and gave me the tip I needed to succeed. Meeting with him was fun and uplifting as he always reminded me that the future is bright!"

What You Can Expect

  • Graduate with Confidence

    Clarify where you want to go after high school, why you want to go, and how to get there.

  • Develop the Skills

    Learn what it means to be future-proof, how to maintain health and wellness in post-secondary, and how to build your future career

  • Maximize Your Educational ROI

    Learn how to finance your post-secondary journey and ensure you get the best return on your investment.