What We Hear From Staff

  • "We're Slammed"

    Budgets are tight and staff are overworked, making it harder to do more to support student mental health with less

  • "Students Aren't Prepared"

    Coming out of the pandemic, student mental health is at an all-time low, which drains resources of staff

  • "Why Don't They Know?"

    Staff spend time, money, and energy into mental health solutions, only to have many students lack awareness of their existence

How We Support Wellness Teams

  • Full understanding of your goals, priorities, and gaps on your campus

  • Customizable wellness orientation and proactive wellness programming

  • Seamless onboarding and marketing & communications support

"I was nervous about launching something so close to the school year, but this has been the smoothest onboarding experience we've ever had."

Shannah Shemilt

Wellness Support and Sexual & Gender Violence Prevention Evaluator, Algoma University

Algoma University

We Understand How Mental Health Affects Your Campus

  • Melt is a Real Thing

    Students are customers along a journey, and there's a huge gap between matriculation and beginning of freshman year when

  • Poor Mental Health is Costly

    Every student dropout causes budgets to get even tighter

  • Gen Z Changes Quickly

    It's hard to keep pace with the changing expectations and needs of Gen Z

How We Support Your Campus

  • Beyond a SaaS solution, we support staff with rolling out our services

  • Earlier data points; we help campuses forecast student needs months before they arrive

  • Boost your ROI on your existing services by ensuring new students are aware of what's available

"Tailwind helps us better understand who our students are and what they need to be healthy."

Jason Scott-Benoit

Transitions & Engagement Coordinator, Laurentian University

Jason Scott-Benoit

We Understand Student Needs

  • By Students, For Students

    Our suite of products and services were 100% co-created by current college and university students

  • Feedback Loops

    Baked into our programs and services are opportunities for us to share student insights and data about your students' needs

How We Support Students

  • Self-Guided Wellness Orientation for PSI, made for Gen Z

  • Access to 1:1 freshmen-year planning or counselling, provided by upper-year Social Work students

  • Group workshops to build resiliency and skills to thrive in first year, and to help make friends before the journey begins

What Students Tell Us

"Exactly what I needed"

Stephanie, Memorial University

"Tailwind is exactly what I needed when I needed it most. I was completely burnt out. I knew I needed to work on self-care but didn't know how. Tailwind gives me the tools and support to help reduce anxiety during university and daily life."

"I wish I had in my first year"

Ria, Laurier University

"This is the program I wish I had in my first year at university. It’s not the same regurgitated information you see online, it’s actual advice from students and graduates who have been through similar experiences. The tools to help deal with anxiety and networking are lifelong gamechangers."

"Would love to see this campus wide"

Félix, Laurentian University

"This program was short and sweet, yet very informative. This taught me things I wish I knew in 1st year and helped reinforce the ideas and importance of mental health. I would love to see this campus wide."