Boost Mental Health + Retention

At the Same Time

  • Educate

    Provide your incoming class with Mental Health education designed for the Gen Z student

  • Connect

    Students with the on-campus resources you want them to access, so they know where to go when they need help

  • Identify

    What your students need to be healthy and successful before they arrive, so you can provide them with supports to retain them

"The number of students on college and university campuses with identified mental health disabilities has more than doubled over the past five years. "

- Council of Ontario Universities

Student Feeling Stress

We Teach Students How to be Proactive About their Mental Health

In the context of entering first year of post-secondary

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"Students that need help are slipping through the cracks, and along with them - millions in revenue"

- Matthew Stiegemeyer, Director of Student Recruitment at Montreal’s Concordia University.
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We listen to what your students need, and share those insights with you

Get to know your students before they even arrive

How Much is Your Retention Rate Costing You?

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