• What is Team Tailwind?

    Team Tailwind helps students and parents make a successful transition into post-secondary education. Combining a comprehensive series of online programs with one-on-one support, the Team counsels students on career exploration, finding the right program and fit, navigating the application and funding process, and managing their mental health as they enter the university or college system. By the end of each program, students and parents have a greater understanding of their opportunities and confidence in the choices they make. Our subject matter experts have over 25 years of experience helping students.

  • How do I sign up?

    Simply head to the "Programs" page and click on the program you are interested in. When you purchase a program, you will be asked to sign up with your name and email.

  • What information do we collect and what do we do with it?

    When you enrol as a student, subscriber, or learner on our site, as part of the enrolling process, the only personal information we collect from you is your name and email. That's it! We do not share, distribute, or sell any information that you provide us with. In our programs, you may be asked questions that are designed to get you thinking about what is most important to you when you're thinking of going to post-secondary. None of these questions are designed to collect personal information, and they are all optional! To summarize, all we know about you is the name and email you choose to use to sign up for an account.

  • How much do your programs cost?

    Each program has the price listed and includes the cost of offering 1:1 counselling services, 24/7 access to video lessons, and hiring subject matter experts to teach the material.

  • Can I speak to someone 1:1?

    Yes, some of our programs include 1:1 counselling services when you purchase. We also provide 1:1 counselling upon request.